Colin Campbell Court

Colin Campbell Court currently contains Colin Campbell House, a pre-second-world-war building, and good example of Streamline Moderne architecture. Most of the buildings in this vicinity date around the 1960s, excepting Colin Campbell House who dates back to the 1930s. Streamline Moderne was futuristic, standing for mobility, speed, efficiency, luxury and hygiene. Corners and edges were curved, with geometric and minimised ornamentation. Lateral ribs created speed lines. Common in the USA, this style mostly came to the UK as film-sets, ocean-liners, kettles and toasters.

An article from Plymouth Herald, dated 8 August 2017, states the following:

Demolition has already begun at Colin Campbell court, ahead of £40m plans to develop housing at the bottom end of town. The site may include four to six storey buildings, with a courtyard in place of the car park, and the site will open up town all the way down to Millbay.

There are still question marks over the future of Colin Campbell House, an art deco building erected in 1938 and one of the few Plymouth landmarks which survived the Blitz. Last year a campaign was launched to save the building, but an application to get it listed was rejected.

"It's complicated because we haven't yet got final details agreed with a developer," Cllr Bowyer said.

"My own personal view is I would like to see it retained, because it does give us that link between today and pre-war Plymouth."

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