Stonehouse Town Wall

Remains of Stonehouse town wall dating from c.1500. Constructed from random rubble limestone. A stretch of courtyard wall, which originally enclosed the Manor House at Stonehouse, the site of which is occupied by a housing estate. The wall runs W-E along the edge of a cliff about 25ft high. It stands 8-10ft high on the inner S side and is battlemented. Battlements and embrasures were probably for show rather than use. The wall is constructed on a limestone outcrop, which was later undermined to form a quarry. This was infilled to its present ground level in the late 18th/early 19th century, and has subsequently been used as a graveyard. Remains of old stables and coachman's house still exist by W end of wall.

Why is the site at risk? The wall is suffering from lack of maintenance, although some work was carried out on it after the 2005 BAR it would appear that the maintenance was not kept up, there is heavy vegetation along its length and large sections, particularly to the top of the wall are missing.

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