Most of us have something left unsaid. This might be after the breakdown of a relationship or before we ever had the chance to say what we wanted to, how we wanted to. Relationships end under very different circumstances – loss of contact, a fall out, a break up, or a death, and whether the connection was between friends, partners, siblings, parents, children, someone we've never even met or an unborn child, it’s often something we bear forever.

An act of confession is intended to be remedial for the confessor, and this is intended to be a weight bearing, reparative process providing an outlet for free expression. 

I am looking for anonymous, written responses to the title Loose Ends, every one of which will be included in a final piece of work culminating in June. If you choose to be involved, please write as if you were speaking directly to the person. Your response will be treated sensitively, and your own anonymity will be preserved. 

Submissions will made public, in an upcoming show and by submitting a response, you agree to this.

Please submit your response by 11pm, 11th June 2017. 

Be a part of the project and submit an anonymous response below:

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